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In Case You Were Wondering...

This site is a small archive of images of women's fashion in the 1960's, mostly the late 60s, all scanned from period sources. All told, this site hosts approximately 150 images. I've done this just because I'm an improv/LARPer who likes to sew and is a fiend for historical accuracy. I've made this site for others who are like-minded. Both of them. Check out my links page to find other nifty sites, including my own extensive archive of costume resources for LARPers.

If you're wondering, I'm not really much of a 60s junkie, but I acquired some source material in anticipation of an event - although how I ended up with all this late-60s stuff for an event sent in 1963, I'll never know - and after I noticed that an awful lot of traffic was coming to my other site in search of costuming reference, I figured there must be a need for this sort of thing. Getting laid off (still am, bah) gave me the time to put a few hours in with the computer, and this site is the result. I hope you enjoy it. If you did, drop me a line. I love compliments.

But I will admit that since I started working on this project, I've developed a new affection for mini-dresses and the maxi look. This also fails to make sense, as both looks are totally unflattering as real women such as myself but, heck, one can admire from afar.

Tech stuff: All of the scanned pictures are 256 color gifs. I'm sorry about that, but until .pngs become less piggy with memory, I have to stick with gifs. Tripod only gives me 50MB, you know... The images were initially scanned as hi-res tifs, and then crunched into a web-friendly form via Photoshop 6.0. All of the titles were also created with Photoshop 6. It took me a while to warm up to that version, but I've got to admit, it was worth the effort. The HTML is a combination of Notepad and (confession time!) Front Page to catch errors. Of course, then I have to go through it and clean up Front Page's junky HTML, but nothing is perfect.